Very strong pain killers in pill form. Can also be used with reference to any high dosage or max strength medicine.
Otherwise known as harold shipmans or horsepills.
Mrs; "No, love I've got a head ache!"
Mr; "Well take some harolds then!"

"Take two harolds and call me in the morning!"
by Eric Wood February 22, 2004
Top Definition
From the Latin Herald meaning King. A man of God's own choosing to lead a nation. Subject to His approval and His removal. A man with a perfectly round head. A man of many thoughts and a few words.
That guy is so well thought of, he must be a Harold.
by Heraldry February 06, 2010
equivalent to the infinity sign in math. All encompassing. Doesn't give a damn and cares too much. Both tall and short, depending on who is standing next to him, the ultimate mate and mates ultimately, no end to his personality and no beginning either(pause), the ultimate competitor, yet competes with no one. Loves to drink lemonade but doesn't like the taste of lemons. He drinks green kool-aid with fish......
He is my idol. His name must be Harold.
by Websters2010 February 04, 2010
A serious occassion, or situation were something dramatic happened or is happening.
It was a harold one last night at the bar.
A friend told me he got robbed last night, so I responded harold.
by Jeweler, MC December 06, 2007
A guy who is the sweetest person you will meet. He's funny and thoughtful, and he cares about a lot of people. You will never meet anybody as awesome as a Harold.
Girl 1: oh my gosh I just love Harold.
Girl 2: who's Harold?
Girl 1: look
Girl 2: I think I love Harold too.
by Picklelicious November 15, 2014
one who makes inappropriate snowglobes
"Is there an all male, asian orgy going on in that snowglobe. Whoever made that must be a total Harold."
by billwalton4ever December 23, 2008
A puppet found in the guitar room that is very similar to Harold Styles (Harry Styles). Has curly afro hair with a green top and leggings. Has black shoes and scares the hell out of you.
Jane: I just went to the guitar room and saw the craziest thing!

Todd: Oh calm down, it's just Harold!

Jane: Well he's as scary as Harry Styles himself!

Todd: Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!
by mexicanhawianyoloswag May 20, 2013
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