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This name describes a person who is so cute he is sometimes mistaken for gay. A Harlin is extremely intelligent, he has common sense like no other. A Harlin is cool, confident and patient.
Kristen: Did you see that hot guy over there?
Paige: Yeah, he's such a Harlin.
by Harlinschic February 03, 2010
20 6
A guy with a monstrous penis, extremely funny, and drop dead gourgeous. Harlin is slang for "GOD". Although many use the word as slang for "sexy".A Harlin is the man of your dreams. If you have one, don't EVER let him go. They're very rare.
Oh my Harlin!
That guy is so Harlin!
I'm Harlin and I know it!
by Lady Boner July 30, 2012
7 0
Harlin is amazing, but he does not know it. Extremely intelligent. Special. Very sexy. He treats his girlfriend like a princess and he is crazy funny. Harlin stands up for what he believes in and he does what he thinks is right. He saves people. If you have a Harlin, never let him go.
Person 1: Who is that amazing guy over there??? He just saved that little girl from being ran over.

Person 2: He must be a Harlin.
by zsophia April 15, 2013
4 0
1. A homosexual meat gazer that some believe should have been a blow job. A harlin can also be persuaded into believing that candy (skittles) are ecstasy and will perform gay acts during his so called high.

2. A harlin can also be a little bitch that gets beat up and has no balls to stick up for himself.

3. A hard core WoW player. AKA FAG
Did you see that guy looking at my junk?
Yeah what a flamin' harlin.

Hey man, i just gave this guy skittles and told him it was E, now he is hitting on a dude....what a harlin.
by I-ZHEET M'DRURZ June 28, 2008
13 21