a wondiperous mode of showing off agility and finesse, while also clearing the pit of those moshing fag metal heads =] usually done to a breakdown, with a group of friends, or a 2step. an extremely demanding form of movement requiring balance, dexterity and strength. people who do not like it are those who have
A) been raped by a hardcore dancer,
B) been kicked in the face / embarassed in front of his girlfriend,
C) tried to do it but been ridiculed for being too fat while wearing a pantera/metallica shirt, then falcon kicked in their fat faces.

D) been too scared to go in a mosh pit since their stupid asses were kicked by a hardcore kid.
such moves include the windmill, 2step, the Angry Kitty, back-kick, donkey-kick (hella hard)
hxC dude
*falcon kick to the face, make out with said moshers girlfriend*
HxC dude
by yadaddyho May 21, 2011
Dancing to hardcore with flailing arms and kicks.
Though "true" metal fans think hardcore dancing sucks, they are, in fact, washed-up pansies who can think of nothing better to do with their time and energy than make fun of the way kids dance.
They are also afraid to actually point out (except on the internet) that they dislike hardcore dancing because they are outnumbered 10 to 1 at shows and probably would not be able to touch a hardcore kid in a fight because hardcore dancers are all, in fact, magical ninjas.
Hey, look at that 40-year-old wash-up get attacked by the rest of the hardcore scene because he has trouble ignoring hardcore dancing.
by This Mute Print Lies, still. September 06, 2005
A pathetic routine practiced by "hardcore" kids to really bad music. This style of moshing and the accompanying music ironically don't seem to have much to do with music at all, rather it is something these kids do to impress each other with their imaginary toughness.
Hardcore dancing makes me want to smoke crack.
by frugi August 07, 2005
To look like an idiot at hardcore shows, while punching the air and ground. Hardcore dancers will not actually watch the band play, they would rather imagine they are fighting invisible bad guys. Often times hardcore dancers will ruin the show for anyone that is not hardcore dancing. But they do not care because they think the world revolves around them.
Oh my God, open up a pit so we can do some awesome hardcore dancing. I really want to do a spin kick, I practiced it all day in my bedroom while listening to Norma Jean.
by Anthony Padilla August 04, 2005
suitable alternative to mindless, drunken headbanging often seen at metal shows, which shows no form of aggression or ambient motor skills.
believed by some anthropologists to be the leading cause of retardation in metal kids..
How can you see us hardcore dancing when you should be banging your head. if slayer saw you not banging your head, you would not be allowed to listen to metal any longer...
by xh8edgex and xWaronDrugsx July 04, 2005
I Dont know why kids think this is cool. Most talented metal bands will tell the hardcore kids that no dancing is allowed. Most hardcore kids are OBSESSED with their self-image(they say it's for getting girls) and the whole hardcore scene is the same way, my few hardcore friends are so "metro" I can't help but laugh to myself every time I see them. If hardcore dancing is skillfull then so is having an epileptic siezure.
There is no set guidline to hardcore dancing, you just wait for breakdowns in songs, and make sure you look like a total lunatic while trying to find your "own style" in your flailing.
That music club has hardcore dancing competitions.

Hardcore dancing is the worst thing to ever happen to music since disco dancing.
by Technical Death Metal March 20, 2005
fucking-retarded, assholes who flip around like the worthless monkeys they are at heavy-music shows. Everytime i see them, they hit people on the offsides and then almost get their asses kicked and they get pissed off at THAT PERSON for almost kicking their ass....its like: "dude, are you a fucking moron? you just kicked that guy!..THAT is why he is about to kill you!" I dont know who started this, but they deserve to die...i think it was the gay-ass emo/screamo/fakepunkish/ska/indie and whatever else you call that bullshit excuse for distorted guitar and drumming. These kids are not true at all, they're fake and they all hate MTV but they are JUST AS BAD. they are to be shot at once. And if you think im an old-washed up shit: im only 18. thank you. PANTERA
Hardcore Dancing? What ever happened to good old fashion moshpits? oh yeah, the young dumb-fuck generation is here...i forgot. i'm ashamed to be young today.
by brentwpapaleo November 17, 2006

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