Dancing for real because you arent a drunk fucking bum, who smokes, and who lives off their parents money. Because you are not scene, because the scene kids who end up there and drink are found like radar and killed. All kids willing to say otherwise, are now known as 'scene' cause they cant except others, and cant disipline themselves enough to stop stealing their parents booze, and begging the guy right in front of jewel to buy them cigarettes. All you scene kid prep retards, can answer to me, and all the true edge kids, and kids who like music that brings upon truth and reality.

Raise your fist in the air, drug free!
by cleanseyourself August 13, 2005
Hardcore dancing is something that gets confused with scene dancing alot. Pretty much everybody here described HC dancing as what scene dancing is: Pussy scene kids trying to hardcore mosh. I don't blame anyone for thinking its lame and weak as shit.

Hardcore dancing barely consists of "kicks and punches". It is a style of mosh done while a hardcore band is playing there set. It is all about maximum energy output. If you saw real HC dancing, you would not call it pussy.

This is how it works:
1. The band starts playing a song on the stage.
2. People line up perpendicular to the stage (on each end).
3. They start charging at each other and provoking others around then to join in.
4. The walk/run across the floor is done with alot of agressivness. There are some moves done here such as whiping your arms behind your back, sliding your feet around, busting out, stretching forward then retracting immediatly, etc.
5. The song gets going. A fast beat is playing, and there is some slight mosh going on. Then the song really gets going and the stage dives begin. There are pile up, sing alongs, varieties of jumps.
6. Then there is a breakdown in the song. Everyone stops and start two steppin. It gets heavier and there is more agressive two steppin, and also some stage steppin.
8. Back to the fast part.
9. Now it's time for the throwdown. This is what scene kids try to copy but end up doing it pussy style. It's like a breakdown but alot heavier. People tend to get low and sing their arms in beat to the song. If you saw a real throwdown you would never mention pussy around hardcore again.

Then is more random 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, etc. throughout the set. There are definalty alot of HC dance moves, but none of which are pussy.
by tronix June 21, 2005
A Tendency of kids that listen to nu hardcore Music, to stand in the middle of the standing area and do things such as "windmills" and punch the air.

It is said that this is them expressing themselves. In actuallity, the idea of a "pit" is for people who have a lot of energy built up because of the band playing, to volunarily go in and flip out and beat the crap out of eachother. Yet
It is a positive thing and no one actually intentionally hits one another.

In the case of hardcore dancing. its one person arrogantly throwing their body parts around, and in many cases, hitting people that want nothing to do with them. Hard core dancing is frowned upon in the hardcore punk/ crust community because it is not seen as a way of truly enjoying the music..
Hardcore dancing is mad ridic...
by Senorsuave79 June 02, 2005
This is a very elegant type of dancing to show your sheer frustration at life and accompany the frustration of the emo/hardcore band that you are listening to.
You have no intent of harming those around you, its simply kicking out at the world around you or maybe just having a good time.
In comparison metalheads share a similar form of dancing known as the "mosh" which can somehow mould onto all their "variations" of music and furthermore if theyre feeling really brave they like to fuck each other up in a "mosh pit" where they have the intention of hurting one another - clever guys.
When not participating in their "mosh pits" they spend their time being angry at the scenester philosophy as they have nothing better to do than grow their hair and not wash.
hardcore dancing: elegant and emotionally charged flails.
moshing: contentless nodding of heads, reinforced by the breaking of eachothers noses.
by suchasucker March 30, 2005
Dancing usually done at emo/hardcore shows where people (I mostly only see the picking up change stuff at shows here) flail thair arms back in forth from the floor into the air like theyre trying to pick up change really fast. Ocasionally people will actually drop loose change and then people start going at it. The other dancing seems kind of dumb. It looks like Tai Bo but its fun to watch people going at pennies.
"I went to a show and got back about 75 cents of what I payed to get in while hardcore dancing becuase rich bitches kept dropping dimes and quarters and shit."
being gay at a show.
the hardcore kid tried to hardcore dance in the middle of the pit and got his head knocked in by a 40 year old, truck driving, Slayer fan.
by markus August 06, 2004
is a style of dancing that modern teenagers do. moshers are jealous because there are more of us then there are of them. and i'm a fucking girl. i've been hit so many times by hardcore dancers, it's not safe by any means, but we dont sit around and bitch when you faggots come to our venues and our shows and do your bullshit. moshers on the other hand decided their dancing is to get shitfaced drunk and slam into each other repeatedly...where the fuck is the skill in that? i honestly think moshers are jealous because the majority of the dancers are decent looking while they are greasy, nasty, disgusting and will never have the opportunity to get laid. so, keep talking shit...we know how it really is. oh, and we listen to shit like heavyheavy lowlow, the acacia strain, all shall perish, white chapel, stick to your guns, gwen stacy, cattle decapitation...oh, but those dont count as metal bands because some of their songs aren't all about ripping babies out of wombs and eating them? fuck you. i'd like to see you faggots tell the members of those bands they're not metal. hey, if we're the pussies, how come you fuckers just stand at the edge while us "crack head skinny dancers" are in the pit and you never try to get in? i'm going to say because you're the fucking pussies because you fucking know you're outnumbered. moshing is dead, deal with it. our shit takes skill, strength and practice. moshers just cant face the fact we rule the pits and we look better doing it, too. we earned our fucking right to be at these shows while you fat fucks are going to die of obsetity in the next 5 years. lose some fucking weight and maybe you'll be able to do something other than bullshit everyone into thinking you're more metal than us.
dancers vs moshers. you motherfuckers asked for this war. but it's funny that we all go to the same shows to see the same fucking bands, but we're not metal, right?
so, moshers here's a big fuck you from my crew in dallas, texas...suck a fucking dick.
mosher 1# "ohhh, im wasted, you stand on that side and i'll stand over here and then we're going to run into each other until one of us falls down. kay?"
Mosher 2# "okay, i'm too big of a dick sucker to go hardcore dancing."
hardcore dancer = "wow, that's really fucking awesome...fucking douche bags."
by bailey strange January 10, 2009

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