An animated cartoon, in which adorable little forest animals get violently mauled and killed.
I laughed so hard when i watched happy tree friends that i pissed my pants.
by wee July 19, 2003
Unfunny cartoon series, mainly watched by prepubescent 12 year old faggots who think it's the funniest thing ever.
Happy Tree Friends is fucking retarded.
by 99999999999999999999990 November 22, 2007
Cuddly little forest animals geting brutally killed in various and occasionally comedic ways. Usually good for a laugh but sometimes its just painful to watch.

Essentially "Itchy and Scratchy" brought out of the Simpsons and given more animals than just a cat and mouse.
happy tree friends = Itchy and Scratchy
by blind_assassin January 02, 2007
a hilarious, morbid cartoon where a bunch of cute little forrest animals die.
flippy is my favorite happy tree friends charecter.
by HatchetMaster April 22, 2005
A show that has a blue skunk chick that I think is sexy! Her name is Petunia.
Damn! Petunia is soooo friggin sexy, I want her to rape me!
by Scott McCullough May 28, 2005
1) A highly amusing cartoon series in which various small fluffy animals are viciously mauled / mutilated in increasingly bizzare and bloody ways. Therefore, quite funny.

2) The name of an obscure environmental group dedicated to saving the trees.
Save the trees!
by Rob S February 06, 2004

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