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Sharting while running outdoors, or frantically shuffling to the restroom, leaving a trail of shit you can follow back to where you came from, if need be.
"Dude! Coach ran me so hard at practice that I left a Hansel and Gretel all the way from the field house."

"Bill ate tacos for lunch and within 10 mins, he had Hansel and Greteled a path from his desk to the bathroom"
by BEE EF DEE November 02, 2011
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To have sex with someone inside an oven. Requires extreme flexibility and a high resistance to heat. (Or just very big appliances).

From the children's fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel". Because we know what they were REALLY doing in that oven...
A. She wanted to hansel-and-gretel him, but unfortunately, she wasn't flexible and he just couldn't take the heat.
B. "Are things getting hot in here, or is that just me?"

"No, stupid, it's just because we're hansel-and-greteling."
by Ze Brothers Grimm May 16, 2011
When a woman makes her boyfriend a sandwhich (preferably pbj or ham) and then she gives him a blowjob. After he cums on her face, he sprinkles his left over bread crumbs on her face.
Boy- Oh god, im gonna blow
Girl- yay
(boy jizzes and throws crumbs)
Boy- take my hansel and gretel slut... make me another sandwhich
by padre6969 May 06, 2011
when your girl is making something in the oven, as she opens the oven door you shove her head in and fuck her in the ass
rick gave his grandma the old hansel and gretel as she took the thanksgiving turkey out of the ove
by rshanks April 07, 2008
when your women is making something in the oven, as she opens the oven door you run up behind her shove her head in then you pants her and fuck her in either hole
brandon used the hansel and gretel on his mother in law
by rshanks April 09, 2008
A class of excrement which leaves a telltale spiral trail around the toilet bowl as it drains, so that it might find its way back home.
The janitor went through 3 cans of AJAX in an attempt to remove a particularly stubborn hansel and gretel trail from the new porcelain White House toilet.
by Harry Merkin August 06, 2002
When a brother and sister get it on!
Hey, yo, don't be like hicks and be like hansel and gretel
by Shizzle DOG November 18, 2002

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