Hunger induced feelings of anger or dread. Also known as "hanxiety."
Mark was cranky because he was hangry. Jenn brought him a sandwich and he felt better.
by bluefinch604 July 25, 2010
When you're crazy angry because you're so hungry!
You're acting mean. I think you're hangry.
by DietCherryPoison August 17, 2011
Someone who is angry because they are hungry. Hangry.
We have been walking around the mall for hours and I am getting HANGRY! Let's hit the Orange Julius, STAT.
by AnthonySofine July 29, 2011
Being so hungry you're body is actually mad at you for not feeding it.
This morning was really hectic, and I missed breakfast. By the time I got to lunch I was totally hangry.
by Talesien January 12, 2010
When you're mad and hungry at the same time
Passerby: D u d e, why is she eatin' that God like that?
You: OBVIOUSLY she's hangry. .
Passerby: The fuck is that fam?
by PissenlitChienne July 12, 2015
A cross between hungry and angry resulting in outbursts of rage and/or mood swings.
Vikktoria: I want to thunder punch them in the throat.

Bianca: why is that?
Vikktoeia: I think I'm getting hangry. Let's grab a bite.
by PineappleJuice March 30, 2015
Hungry and angry at the same time
I was so hangry that I snatched a croissant of my my sister's hand.
by OKEH July 21, 2014
An acute sensation of rage that feeds on the fumes of your digested leftovers, and then your soul
"Markita was so Hangry she cursed out her own mother"
by missy hippie June 15, 2014

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