sooo hungry that you're angry
Tyler is so hangry he can hurt Betty!
by boozan July 22, 2010
When you're so hungry, you start getting angry over nothing. Low blood sugar.
I haven't eaten since yesterday, I'm hangry bro.
by JayszunVanderwerff January 27, 2012
Adjective. A combined overwhelming feeling of angst and/or aggitation due to a ill timed state of hunger.
I was so hangry while waiting at the drive-thru, I wanted to slam into the driver in front of me.
by Jim Lauletta June 14, 2006
when you get hungry and angry at the same time, usually resulting in a grumpy mood
When I didn't eat for awhile, I got hangry.
by you'llneverguess>:) May 18, 2014
When your so hungry you get angry
It took the delivery driver so long to get here I became hangry
by Conshohocken March 15, 2016
Hungry to the point of anger.
We better eat soon because I'm getting hangry.
by Smart Blondie January 26, 2016
Hangry is the breaking point where the need for food, or hunger, changes one's personality of a happy and joyous disposition to an angry and hostile disposition
I forgot to eat breakfast this morning, and now I'm just so hangry that I just want to punch something.
by Compassionatesource June 04, 2015
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