It's proannouced "'anging"

The word was orginally invented in Cardiff, it's means slapper.
"Look at that girl, she cowing 'anging"
by amo December 08, 2003
Top Definition
The feeling after a night out when you feel terrible. Usually beacause of the amount of alcohol you have consumed.
"Im hanging this morning"
by jimbouk August 17, 2009
Falling to bits, exhausted.
"I went for a run with a hangover earlier and now I'm hanging out me arse..."
by texluh1138 August 01, 2006
Referring to any object or decription as a penis reference. It is usually contextualized as a retort, and it is something of size when referring to one's own penis. It can also be something very small, but this is usually when referring to another's penis size.
Man! That was a humongous truck that just drove by!
I got something humongous for you hanging.

Do you mind if I have a little taste of your dessert?
I got something you can have a little taste of hanging.

by Sgt Smoke September 18, 2006
Also pronounced "Angin'"

Means Fantastic, Rad, Hot, sizzling!
STEVE:Awww Mayte that bird Gemma is hanging!
FREDDIE: Awww MAYTE! Don't give me a woody!
STEVE: Sozzie Boss!
by x-Kaylzz-x January 22, 2008
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