A suspended or inverted rollercoaster (especially a Vekoma Invertigo or SLC model) that is badly engineered, causing headbanging on the shoulder restraints.
"My ears hurt!"
"Well, that'll teach you not to ride Hang and Bangs, won't it?"
by Sarabellum1976 September 04, 2003
Top Definition
a term used to describe a relationship between 2 people in which you hang out and bang out, but are not dating.
"Is Harry your boyfriend?" -"No, he's my hang and bang." (or "No, we're just hang and bangs")
by TessTickle March 08, 2010
hang is the act of drawing a gun, and bang would be firing the gun.
Man he better chill out before i 'hang and bang' his punk ass.
by A-Vizzle-P November 27, 2007
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