5 in the Pink. 5 in the Stink.
Fist in the Pink. Fist in the Stink.
My girl loved the handyman, but she was really sore this morning
by Wilfrid Laruier April 20, 2006
When a short Spanish-San Diegan roommate gets a handjob (old skool style) from a reputable female companion in the backseat of a 1996 Black BMW Sedan.
"Hey, whats up bro? How was your night with that reputable lady fellow of yours?"

"It went well, I ended up getting an old skool handy in the back of my car."

"Oh bro, you are the definition of a Handyman."
by Ryan Perkins January 13, 2008
Vicious, bad-assed individual
Hey, look out for that handyman, he'll kick your ass.
by Dangerous Dan February 18, 2004
When a man's dick is so big he has to use tools to help cram it in the pussy.
Girl speaks : I really had fun tonight, I think I am ready to take our relationship to the next level.

Man speaks: Hell yes, but I hope you have a couple shoe horns lying around because bitch, I am a handyman.
by Dick Furcoochie June 01, 2016
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