A funny little kids show on Disney. The main character, Manny, has a bunch of talking tools and he goes and...fixes stuff for people.

He's voiced by Wilmer Valderamma! Can't beat that!
I watched Handy Manny with my little cousin.
by THIS IS LASAGNA!!!! November 15, 2007
Top Definition
Handy Manny crossed the border to kill Bob The Builder
and steal his spot on tv.
Handy Manny killed Bob the builder last friday
by bunnysoxx March 02, 2011
Receiving a handjob from a latino male.
Chandler got a handy manny from the latino guy down the street.
by griffTheMetallicaKid December 14, 2014
1. A TV show on Playhouse Disney/Disney Jr. about a Mexican repairman and his creepy ass talking tools.

2. A Filipino handjob.
For definition 1: My grandpa is weird. He jerks off to Handy Manny porn, with the tools fucking each other and shit.

For definition 2: Dude, I was at Jollibee the other day and I hooked up with a Filipina. Once we went home, she gave me a Handy Manny.
by dictionarydole September 29, 2015
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