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Handy Manny crossed the border to kill Bob The Builder
and steal his spot on tv.
Handy Manny killed Bob the builder last friday
by bunnysoxx March 02, 2011
Bob the builder was a construction worker on a childrens tv show until he was brutally murdered by handy manny when he crossed the mexican border. After he killed bob the builder handy manny stole his spot on tv and became super rich and famous.
Bob the Builder got killed by Handy Manny.
by bunnysoxx March 21, 2011
a pickle created to doom the whole world the pickle of doom iz just a cucumber soaked in evil
The PICKLE OF DOOM blew up my school.
by bunnysoxx March 01, 2011
very very very very very very very very(very infinity) colorful
That book is so colorifikal.
by bunnysoxx March 11, 2011

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