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Ghetto area of Birmingham the UK's version of the bronx.
T-Man: Handsworth Blud, Braaappppp, B21 Blud
by Ashley Blake-Moore December 13, 2007
A ghetto area of Birmingham with a largely Indian and Jamaican population.
Handwsorth is full of desis and jamaicans.
by Brummindlish May 07, 2004
Handsworth is an urban area in Birmingham, England with a high concentration of ethnic minorities. Notorious for its rather high crime rate and largely immigrant (mostly asian/caribbean) populous, it is not uncommon for people to avoid going there.

Handsworth is also believed to be the base of operations for the infamous "Burger Bar Crew" who have been well documented to have a long running feud with rivals "The Johnsons", who reside in nearby Newtown, Lozells and Aston.

Cetain areas in Handsworth are known for the notoriety of their residents and many people choose not to visit them for fear of physical violence against their person, such places include "Raleigh Close" and "Centenary Drive"
"I wouldn't mess with him, he's from Handsworth"

"This place has nearly as many immigrants as Handsworth"
by Kayos March 11, 2006
the place to be!
A common perseption that it is the roughest area around but its really a area full of Gz and so on =]
It aint dat dangerous unless u luk abit dodgy and der aint as many roberies/break ins as outsiders think =]
Bob- Well i dont need an alarm system becuase i live in Sutton Coldfield yno...the posh side of birmingham but i understand why you will need one

Raj- And why is that?

Bob- live in Handsworth dont no...

Raj- And your point being...

Bob- Handsworth is not the soundest place in Birmingham is it...full of Druggies,Freaks and Gangs.

Raj-whispers bloody bastaaaard
by Pretz da G January 27, 2008
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