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Funnier, better term for Hand Job
Mackenzie gave Nick a hand jibber on the trampoline.
by RollTide January 23, 2013
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Slang for Hand job (where a girl jacks a guy off)
Hariot Tubman gave me a hand jibber under the table
by Krug August 28, 2006
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A Hand-Jibber is another way of saying Hand Job- the act of a women useingher hands to manipulate her male partner/ partners (partners see-"gang-bang", also see "typical sorority girl night out") penis in order to stimulate him/ them to climax. Levels of Hand-jibbers

Level 1- She uses vice like kung-fu grip grabbing the penis and mashes her hand wildly and uncontrollable up and down.

Level 2- Using spit the girl adds lubrication to the shaft of the penis which allows for much greater pleasure while reducing friction.

Level 3- A girl constantly pulls spit from the back of her throat maintaining a slick working surface while she jerks off her man/ men, using both hands in concert.

*The level 3 Hand-Jibberis the closest thing to a real vagina mankind has come.
Me-"Yo last night Maggy gave me the best level 3 Hand-Jibber"
Friend- "Good ole rub and tug huh?"
Me- "Shes a giver bro, I think it's love"
by Jekyllnhyde February 04, 2012
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Used to define an emotionless, dead fish-eyed straight back handjob.
Waitress: "Would you like anything else?"
Customer: "Well, since you asked, a slow beej would be great, but failing that, a stiff Hand Jibber would suffice while I eat this meal."
by Nsla April 10, 2015
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Starting out as a simple handjob, spitting on the mans dick and just as he is getting ready to cum, you smack the tip as hard as you can, sending the cum back into the penis and then squeezed out with a little blood
Person1: I enjoy being in pain when pleasured

Person2: well my buddy Raine will give you a nice Hand Jibber.
by CatDisc October 02, 2014
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