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A Hand Hug is a unique expression of love. It's different from a regular hug because it just involves using your hand. You can give a Hand Hug to your friends, co-workers, peers, or anyone who has a hand. Hand Hugs cheer up people's days and allow you to connect with them.
You look like your having a bad day, here's a Hand Hug!
by Hand Hug May 23, 2007
110 40
Similar to a high five, except for as soon as your palms touch, you each wrap your thumb around the other's hand.
That comeback was so awesome, I had to give him a hand hug.
by Maggalaggadingdong May 29, 2006
221 66
when two people take their right hands (or left if they so wish) and act as if they are giving each other a high five. however, instead of a high five, they wrap their thumbs around each other's hands and wave side to side.
Me: I totally taught Mr. Shepherd the Handhug!
Kaylin: That's great!

KK was amused when she found out how to handhug. Now she, Kaylin, and Madi teach everyone they meet.
by MadiPod June 06, 2007
26 11
The act of wrapping your thumb around someone's hand, while they wrap their thumb around the other side of your hand. Popularized mainly by middle-school students, Bruce Jenner and Scott Disick are also fans of the Hand Hug.
Tania: "Leo, Hand Hug!"
Leo: "This is adorable!"
by LuLuBee November 07, 2010
35 22
The hugging of hands; Placing hands together, then wrapping around the thumb and pinky.
I think he might like me back. I could tell by our prolonged hand hug last night.
by buttslapper81 October 23, 2010
21 20
A gentler way of saying hand job.
All she would do is a hand hug.
by myfirstword February 03, 2009
3 2
dude i wake up every morning and give myself a hand hug
by james jerkmaninoff February 12, 2011
11 38