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Smiley and pretty in everyway, smart, keen interest in asians and the korean people and culture. The name hana itself means 'blossom' in japenese. Enjoys her food although not fat, amazing at singing and intends to be famous. Likes cats and other small animals. Sometimes grumpy, apart from that altogether brillaint :)
Hana has a Bubbly personality
by Pop ;) June 01, 2012
79 19
Irresistible. Insanly beautiful. The cats meow. Comes from the word HELLARIOUS. She makes you laugh.
I wish I were Hana. That would be great.
by Maddy December 14, 2004
911 285
Hana, Japanese for "Flower" or "Nose"
Yamihana ~
Dark Flower
by Yamihana December 19, 2003
524 193
Insane, out going, unique, individual, honest, loyal, though loves to bitch, will make you laugh, low self esteem and average confidence. dislikes fakes, people who judge and people who over exaggerate the truth.
random girl"heyy hana is a slut"
hanas mate " how would you kno?"
random girl "ohh...well..******* said..."
^^^^hana hates that :P
by hanii_yo September 01, 2008
430 163
noun (ha-nah)
1. Korean word for One.
2. Japanese word for Flower.

1. Q: "How many?" A: "Hana"
2. Q: "What's that?" A: "Hana"
by Bluefrog97 January 19, 2007
362 122
the number one in hangul (korean)
I will have hana taco.
by cereal killas May 11, 2006
203 127
A fun, bubbly person that will probably end up being your best friend. Hanas are loud, energectic, and incredibly passionate about things they love and hate. She means the world to Edward, and she is a weapon, alchemist, and unicorn.
Hana is such a unicorn. unicorn purple
by thematchstickgirl August 26, 2012
89 23