A crispy piece of shit
Dude I just took the biggest hammo!

Jacob you Silly Hammo!

by B-renaud October 03, 2007
Top Definition
A girl who looks like a hamster who when drunk proceeds to boogie.
"Did you see that drunk girl from Oxford Brookes who looks a bit like a hamster doing that little dance?"
"Yeah what a cute little hammo, apparently she will let you pinch her lovely hamster bum."
by Frampsalot December 15, 2008
the present tense of hammered, or extremely intoxicated wherein you will dance on any piece of furniture or make weird decisions
"Last night I was so hammered, but I've been in that OIL all day and right now I'm HAMMO."

"Have you guys seen Andon at all today? He's HAMMO."

"It's gameday and I've been drinking since 8 am. Since we beat Michigan and I'm HAMMO I guess I'll have sex with a questionable girl."

by DON DIESEL October 07, 2007
This is an increasingly popular abbreviation of the Irish surname Hannon. The reasoning behind this unusual, and unusually long for an abbreviation, abbreviation can be found in the predictive text function of popular Nokia Mobile Phones. When the user types in Hannon the meaningless word Hammo will appear. Naturally this term began to stick and has now passed into the common lexicon.

It is generally used as a term of endearment when refering to Hannon the Younger of the Greater Hannon Clan of Parteen, Co. Clare. Legend has it that when Hannon the Younger returned from his travels overseas he brought with him many fantastical tales, the telling of which instantly endeared him to the locals.

It is widely recognised that many of Hammo's tales of adventure centre around the taming of wild Amazon Women generally in posession of enormous breasts. Analysis of these stories has revealed that while the information with regard to the breast size of many of Hammo's conquests is accurate these women are not to be confused with Xena the Warrior Princess style Amazons. A fairer understanding would be comparision with larger women of the Dawn French subspecies.
"Hey did you hear that story about Hammo?"

"I heard that Hammo once tamed a woman this big." (Accompanied by wide armed gesturing)
by ledzeppelin100 May 10, 2010
A hammo is a hot chick who has cheek pouches like a hamster, so she can give blowjobs to two guys at once.
Cindy, an accomplished hammo, had one guy in each cheek pouch so she thought she'd try for a third.

She almost choked, but everyone had a happy ending.
by scodder May 21, 2010
1. incredibly cool

2. to be hit in the head: a falcon
1. he's looking rather hammo today

2. damn, he just got hammo'ed with that football!
by theoriginalHammo August 30, 2005
a hot japanese chick
That hammo chick is hot.
by sei May 10, 2006
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