Hammer time means hanging out with your girl while lying to your boys about it, or getting owned by your girl and having to hang out with her instead of your boys.
Asad: ok guys ill be back I gotta go to the store.
Syed: Yea right, HAMMER TIME!!!!
Nadeem: Yea man I gotta go to the store too, ill be back in 15 minutes.

2 hours later...

Syed: Those bitches are getting owned right now
by Longshot B-Hatti March 11, 2008
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"Cool" kids can't say it anymore because they're too busy listening to Snoop Dogg and shitty punk emo.
It's muthafuckin Hammertime!
by ok June 24, 2003
A "phenomenom" that MC Hammer is responsible for unleashing upon the world.
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
The full phrase is "Stop! Hammertime!" but I'm a lousy conformist, so I put it here. It is by far the most awesome phrase ever. You could make Slimer from Ghostbusters say it and it would still make sense. Its inventor was nothing short of genius as well.
M. Feldspar: Stop! Hammertime!
Halle Berry: Have my babies.
M. Feldspar: Can't touch this.
by Jerry the Gerbilizer February 17, 2005
'Hammertime' is a brilliant surprise attack on a romantic lovemaking session. Whilst you and your partner are engaged in some slow, passionate, romantic sex, look into her eyes, wait for her to move her head forwards to kiss you, then shout, "STOP, IT'S HAMMERTIME!" and proceed to bang her like a drum at speed while shouting, "WHOOA-O, WHOOA-O! WHOOA-O, WHOOA-O!"
Wifey - "Mmm sweetheart that feels amazing...oooh yeah...mmmmmmm...kiss me..."
by Triggermortis November 10, 2010
A catchphrase a man says before jackhammering his partner and consequently breaking his/her neck.
Henry said 'It's hammer time!' in his chinese room.
by kenny is a fag November 02, 2006
A catchphrase that was used by MC Hammer when he would start dancing.
"Wo-o, uh-uh-uh, uh-o, HAMMA TIME... HAMMA TIME!"
by The Hobgibbon March 23, 2005
time to hammer. time to rail. thanks mc hammer
The sanitation worker at the phoenix open looked her up and down and repeated the single word hammertime over and over
by Dreesey February 08, 2007
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