Hammer Time, a minute every day dedicated to awesomeness. The official time of Hammer Time has been set by the internet community to 11:42 AM.
"What time is it?" says Bill
"Umm, 11:42." says person with watch.
"HAMMER TIME!!1!" says teh newfags.
by yourmomshairyvag May 12, 2010
Comes from the MC Hammer song but is now commonly used for when someone says something annoying and you want to express your anger with someone you know.
It now means to beat someone to death with a hammer. Lovely
Danny: I get £10,000 when i'm 18 so upset I have to wait, damit!

Jonzy: *To Dave* Hammer Time! *With fist action of smashing down Danny with a hammer*

Dave: *To Jonzy* sum1 goes I care or sumthin
by RATM February 28, 2005
it's when the things get serious in a good way. things dat gon make you shake ur head and open ur eyes up!
it's like when u see a fucking sexy girl in a street with da ass u want. dats ur hammer time
when ur team play hard and scores.
by amadeus24 November 07, 2011
The act of going ham
It's hammer time, let's get it done and get it done right
by Talanweler May 07, 2011
After a hard days work, and you are ready to hit up the bar.

A forty five minute drinking binge, as soon as you get out of work.
Hey Mario its almost hammer time!
ex.2 Its hammer time!
by Jesse and Mario January 13, 2006
Hammer time means hanging out with your girl while lying to your boys about it, or getting owned by your girl and having to hang out with her instead of your boys.
Asad: ok guys ill be back I gotta go to the store.
Syed: Yea right, HAMMER TIME!!!!
Nadeem: Yea man I gotta go to the store too, ill be back in 15 minutes.

2 hours later...

Syed: Those bitches are getting owned right now
by Longshot B-Hatti March 11, 2008
To go broke or bankrupt by making poor life's decisions.
A bum had a piece of cardboard with two words written on it, "Hammer Time"
by NoirZK June 20, 2009
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