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Hamilton is a town in South Lanarkshire, in the west side of central Scotland. Its the fifth largest town in Scotland after Paisley, East Kilbride, Livingston and Cumbernauld and is 12 miles south-east of Glasgow and has a population of 49451 people.

It is also.....a dumping ground for alcoholics, junkies and idiots. Fights and poverty are all about the culture of our beloved Hamilton. Hotspots include Whitehill, Fairhill and Hillhouse were if into drugs and knifes then you should definatly take a wander.

The resident neds bring life to this tranquil place (a translator will be required to converse with these young gentlemen and ladies). Best place to mix with the people in Hamilton is at the renowned nightclub, the Hamilton Palace. Feast your eyes on such delights of barely clothed woman and techno lovin' lads...."Cattle market" I hear you say? Why, yes! And thats why we love it so.

So please come visit....
Come to Hamilton...It's a real eye-opener!
by meep123 March 02, 2009
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