da king of all kings. u may well b blessed 2 see him sum day
hambo is king
by hambo June 30, 2003
Top Definition
A person who, although charming, has a tendency to disappear at 3 o'clock on a Friday afternoon (under the guise of getting petrol) and reappear later at a random pub in Essex.
"He did a Hambo on us"
by Essa Scum November 18, 2008
A Northman folk tune
The hambo was played by minstals in olden times in Finland.
by Roger Bagula August 12, 2003
to do crazy shit for the love of attention
Did you hear Marty jumped in the lake on New Year's Day? That dude is such a hambos.
by hambone64 January 27, 2011
a cracker program used to get passwords
The Hambo Keygenerator s-spline warez serial clone is used to crack passwords to things like porn sites.
by Roger Bagula August 12, 2003
A synonym for wreckless drunken existence that can be identified by its' acronym HAMBO: Hard as a Motherfucker Black Out.
WC_Ben: Taylor is peeing in a bucket in the corner of his house

WC_GodlyOne: Yo that nigga musta went Hambo tonight

WC: Dream Team Problems
by WatermelonClan February 09, 2013
The almighty king of the world and everything else, all will falll beneath his disco wrath. Also likes to hang out with Quent and JiJi
Wooooo, look at Big Hambo dance!
by Mc Hambo March 15, 2005
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