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the most coolest, most beautifulest man alive. he also has a big penis (or so DC says)
WOW!!! LOOK!! there's darbro!!
by hambo November 07, 2003
da king of all kings. u may well b blessed 2 see him sum day
hambo is king
by hambo June 30, 2003
the vagina
ill show ya me willy-john if u show me ur fandoosh
by hambo July 06, 2003
A cross between a Nut case and having your panties in a bunch. If your mental, or are insane, or get worked up over something SO stupid, your a panty case.
John Howard is a panty case.
"gee mang the FDA sure is getting worked up over that new drug, they are acting like real panty cases'
by Hambo February 03, 2004
da sied kick and apprentice of hambo. hopefully 1 day he will b as powerful and evil as hambo. pray wit me
magill son is prince
by hambo June 30, 2003
look at da state o dat baseball seeker!!! lol hes a fucking retard
by hambo July 09, 2003
ones mother
me mammo popped me outta her fandoosh
by hambo July 06, 2003

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