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to do crazy shit for the love of attention
Did you hear Marty jumped in the lake on New Year's Day? That dude is such a hambos.
by hambone64 January 27, 2011
used to describe people who were obsessively concerned about outward appearances; primarily to the detriment of those inside. It came from the practice of hanging beautiful lace curtains so your house looked nice from the street but having torn/broken furniture inside because you were so poor.
My mom grew up in a lace Irish home. Her mother would hang a giant Christmas Wreath on the front door but they would have no gifts... or tree.
by Hambone64 July 15, 2008
Using Ben Gay as lube to thumb bang the ass of the girl you found out cheated on you instead of just dumping her.

They say revenge is best served cold. This revenge is icy.
Why is Jane walking funny?
I heard she got an Icy Ted because she fooled around on Hambone when he was away last week.
by Hambone64 June 10, 2013
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