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The only other way to describe the joy of being near hambo is to shout Hambo really load and slowly!
by Mc Hambo March 15, 2005
4 7
A person who, although charming, has a tendency to disappear at 3 o'clock on a Friday afternoon (under the guise of getting petrol) and reappear later at a random pub in Essex.
"He did a Hambo on us"
by Essa Scum November 18, 2008
22 4
A Northman folk tune
The hambo was played by minstals in olden times in Finland.
by Roger Bagula August 12, 2003
8 2
da king of all kings. u may well b blessed 2 see him sum day
hambo is king
by hambo June 30, 2003
16 14
a cracker program used to get passwords
The Hambo Keygenerator s-spline warez serial clone is used to crack passwords to things like porn sites.
by Roger Bagula August 12, 2003
6 5
to do crazy shit for the love of attention
Did you hear Marty jumped in the lake on New Year's Day? That dude is such a hambos.
by hambone64 January 27, 2011
0 0
A synonym for wreckless drunken existence that can be identified by its' acronym HAMBO: Hard as a Motherfucker Black Out.
WC_Ben: Taylor is peeing in a bucket in the corner of his house

WC_GodlyOne: Yo that nigga musta went Hambo tonight

WC: Dream Team Problems
by WatermelonClan February 09, 2013
0 1