Top Definition
a 10 year old boy who frequents internet forums trolling for sex and attention
Halo53 is trolling for sex and attention
by Everyone. March 13, 2004
A ugly kid with no life and eats garbage and sleeps with dogs and has tuna in his pants and is very very ugly and i dont know why but he is gay!
Halo 53 is one gay person, he like manholes.
by Antiherosk8er March 27, 2005
A guy who often scores killamanjaros, killgasms and killginas in Halo 2.
MOM, you RUINED my killgina
by H53 March 27, 2005
A teenager who is great at videos games, especially Halo, Rainbow Six 3, and Mech Assault. A regular to RedvsBlue and the 7th Column.
Ah damn, Halo53 just owned me in Mech Assault again
by Mike March 11, 2004

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