A place where people who are unable to cope with change go to complain that Halo 2 wasn't enough like Halo 1.
Run by a man who thinks he is smarter than game developers, Halo2sucks.com is dedicated to complaining about every thing that they dont like, and using it as ammunition to call Bungie a sellout.
Most Halo2sucks.com regulars generally think that they are great at Halo. But when Halo 2 came along, they could not shift their stlye of play to suit... therefore making their "skills" obsolete.
This lead to their movement to whine and complain for the past four months over every detail of the game, rather then spending those four months actually trying to get better at the game.
"Halo2sucks.com is a cesspit of hypocricy."
"have you heard of that new website, Halo2sucks.com?"
by Sexy McSexington March 14, 2005
Top Definition
A website made by fans of the Halo series who felt they were let down by Bungie's sequel, Halo 2. Commonly they are bashed by Halo 2 fans simply because of the domain name, and most, if not all, Halo 2 fans will bash them without ever actually going to the site.
Sheesh: Everyone from Halo2sucks.com are pistol-sniping whores!
Frank: Don't you whore rockets and the shee?
Sheesh: Hush you or no buttsecks.
by Agamemnon582bc September 20, 2006
Website dedicated to finding out why Jason Jones, Joe Staten and my sorry ass sold out, betrayed our longtime fans and fucked up Halo 2.
Jason Jones: Wow look at the 40 year old mother gun down the person that just spawned from behind with her dual SMGs. Dual wielding is so cool!
Joe Staten: *Nerdy Laugh* Sure is Jason.
Anim8rJB: Haha good fun guys.
Hey whaddaya say we play an all shotguns game?
Jason Jones: Sure JB. Russian Roulette is fun fun fun!
Sketchfactor: Lmao you can say that again!
by Anim8rJB December 29, 2004
A pussy little website made up of fucking whiny little nerds dissapointed about the gameplay of an xbox game which apparently fails to meet their standards
Halo2 is soo gay, with bad melee damage, ruined gameplay and weakened guns! i dont know why i play it! its a total flop from the other halo!
by dapperfinger April 21, 2005
Scapegoat for those who don't like change.
by Michael M. March 27, 2005
A place where even the oldest people online can cry like a 3 year old kid. Everybody here thinks they are pro's or "elites" and that makes them smarter than game developers.
"Bungie screwed up Halo2! It's ruined and will die a horrible death! I don't care if it has not only sold more than Halo1, but is played by hundreds of thousands of more people than Halo1. That is unacceptable and my pathetic life now has no meaning more than ever."
by Chief February 14, 2005
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