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Website dedicated to finding out why Jason Jones, Joe Staten and my sorry ass sold out, betrayed our longtime fans and fucked up Halo 2.
Jason Jones: Wow look at the 40 year old mother gun down the person that just spawned from behind with her dual SMGs. Dual wielding is so cool!
Joe Staten: *Nerdy Laugh* Sure is Jason.
Anim8rJB: Haha good fun guys.
Hey whaddaya say we play an all shotguns game?
Jason Jones: Sure JB. Russian Roulette is fun fun fun!
Sketchfactor: Lmao you can say that again!
by Anim8rJB December 29, 2004
The hugest dissapointing pile of dogshit since Nintendo Gamecube. Damn Joe Staten, Jason Jones and my sorry ass owned every last one of you idiots that bought this bait and switch shitfest of ours.
Cortana: I thought Halo 2 campaign was going to be all about defending Earth from the Covenant.
CWolf20: And I thought multiplayer was going to be about skill.
Anim8rJB: Ha you two are idiots! We at Bungie don't give a shit if Halo 2 has crap physics, glitches up the wazoo or even cheaters, we got the money dollah dollah billz ya'll!!
by Anim8rJB December 27, 2004
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