A beautiful and attractive individual. Has great interest in Key Club and art. A Hallie is loved by all, especially Kevin, and is owned by Kevin.

Hallie is kevin's bitch. :]

Kevin loves Hallie!
by kevynsays January 20, 2009
Lights up the room and always has a smile on her face. Also, she always looks beautiful and sexy when when sad, lonely, etc. Also, every boy wants her and wants to ask her out but she's usually interested in blondes with blue eyes.
Hallie is always beautiful and is very ice and all the boys love her.
by hallie44 April 07, 2016
A person who enjoys giving boys blow jobs.
Hallie gives blow jobs
by niceperson123 August 28, 2010
A cleaver way to say beaner.
Usually one who plays with Dora the Explorer, and sings Hannah Montana.

Chrissy- "Ewwww! LOOK, it's a Hallie."

Hallie- "STFU, nigglet!"
by BobbyRaccoon February 05, 2008
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