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An amazingly wonderful, and a beautiful soul, with the purist, and sweetest heart on Planet-Earth, accompanied by a sexy sandy-skin, that catches your eyes at the first second. She's a woman that carries a lot of definitions, but none describes her a hundred percent accurately, it always lacks the true meaning, her stubborn nature is not annoying but attractive, she owns the honesty of innocent children, and the beauty of angels. Everyone loves Haleema, who wouldn't? She's perfect, and I am in love with her! She's an amazing friend, and partner.
by mjluva May 31, 2011
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Leader. You can count on her to overthrow an unjust government. She will stop at nothing to ensure peace and social justice is spread across the globe. First she raises awareness, then she takes them by storm.
"Dude, by the time Mubarak heard about Haleema, he was already getting kicked out of his country"
by The Jabib September 03, 2011
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my skin is such a lovely shade of haleema
by br-waitforit-own October 31, 2010
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