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A fag douchebag kid who thinks he is the BMOC. Disrepects people expecally girls, and thinks hes a gangster when he really was born in the Suburbs.
Drew: Hey Man lets go jock some hoes and act like Gangstas

Tim: dont be such a Hakk
by WMountainMan34 August 21, 2009
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greeting term used from dr4gon to any member of NSR - only used when wanting to convey the warmest greeting however
dr4gon>omg dusty u hakk (i luv u really)
by Thanatos June 01, 2003
False cheat accusation.

Used by less able players in the online game Counter-Strike in an attempt to slander a superior players name.
dr4gon> You hakk !!!

by manicx May 28, 2003
a jingoistic term to loosely describe the suspect nature of a specific sub culture of online gamers who go around making life hard for those who play the game properley.
" haha u noob uve only been playing three years and your shit! Learn to hakk and you can be 1337 like us NSR goons "
by Anonymous June 04, 2003

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