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A small round dog of the fuzzy haired variety possessing a general fishy odour.
That's one hairy fish!
by Fishtopher August 06, 2006
A hairy penis
He has a very long hairy fish.
by Hairy.Fish November 02, 2010
sounds more like a unshaved tanky to me...
that chicks got the hairiest fish i've ever seen...
by DyolfKnip February 20, 2005
a ballsack looking fish covered in peubic hair
whoa! look at that hairyfish!
by nurgleflurgle May 26, 2010
a false or fictitious event or thing, its existance is as likely as a hairy fish.
good story, but a bit of a hairy fish that one!!!!
by jimmer June 17, 2004