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it comes from honey
its a pretty girl
wacha esa haina
look at that girl
by lumpenon February 19, 2005
104 34
A homegirl.Or just somebody's girl
"hey haina wanna go kick it wid us?" or "Hey homie come meet my haina"
by Surena May 31, 2006
84 50
Woman, often meaning girlfriend or other woman of sexual interest. East LA slang, probably from "reina", Spanish word for "queen" (pron. "HAY nuh" in some dialects), possibly related to Portuguese "rainha" (pronounced "HINE yuh")
If I could find that haina and that sancho that she's found, I'd pop a cap in sancho and I'd slap her down.
by cpksea December 18, 2010
27 28
verb. origonating from "ain't it", a common term of the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania.
"this be good pie der bob, haina?"
by Flacky April 12, 2005
56 82
From the latin "Hainais" meaning Haina. A Cheap as hoe or a guy whom you dislike. Hainas are putas.
Ricky is a Stanford Student. Ricky is a Haina...
by ernie December 02, 2004
54 97