baisically me and my friends play hacky sack and whenever someone misses something we all yell "you could of hacked that" so now we baisically use it like instead of saying. "handle it" or "take it"
worried friend:"dude im worried about you! you're taking two AP classes, two honors classes, you work 20 hours a week, and you deal."

totally under control chill kid:"zen man you dont have to worry i can hack it"
by Gillain September 04, 2005
Top Definition
Plain ugly. Especially the coupon (face). See forby minging.
Git a swatch at the hackit coupon on yon.
by Smert Howker October 17, 2006
another way to say f@ck it..
1st person:hey lets ditch after break....
2nd person:nah dude fax that i have a chem test
1st person: hack it! you can take it tomorrow
2nd person: yiii!!!!!
1st person: ALRIIIIIIGHT
by fax__it.... April 22, 2009
Started in So Cal. Used when something bad happens to someone.
"Damn I just flunked my math final."

"Hack it!"
by insanity857 January 31, 2009
You say this when smeone does something stupid.

Also you can say this to someone when something unfortunate happens to them.
"I heard your girl cheated on you?"
"Ya she did, it sucks"
"Ha, Hack It for you."
by RoryGMonay June 06, 2006
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