"High-ass-bitch" Used to describe someone who is very high on marijuana. This person can do or say something stupid or funny as a result.
Mary is such a hab, I can't believe she just walked into the store with her cigarette still lit and didn't even realize it.
by Kartyrr December 12, 2012
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"Les Habitants", term of endearment for the Montreal Canadiens
The habs slaughtered the leafs last night, eh?
by Zsp November 01, 2003
Half Asian Bitch. The term refers to a demographic of women that is disproportionately hot.
Sure the white bitch was hot, but I'd rather bone the hab.
by asianaficionado February 11, 2007
(rhymes with "cab") noun; acronym for "hang and bang." Describes someone whom you have a strictly sexual relationship with; Every time you hang, you bang.
1. Its been so long since I've smushed, I think I'm going to call my hab up.

2. Don't even pretend that he's your boyfriend, we all know he's just a hab.
by Atwood Puckslut February 24, 2011
1. a french-canadian. 'hab' is derived from 'les habitants', the informal name given to New France, a region of what is now mostly eastern canada colonized by the french in the 16th century.

2. also, the montreal canadiens hockey club is sometimes referred to as the 'habs'
"he said he was from Quebec, right?"
-yeah, hes a hab.
"the leafs and the habs are on at 7"
by seagle March 03, 2008
a) (short for Habitans): a term refering to French Canadians of both Upper Canada as well as Lower Canada. This is synonymous with calling an American 'a Yankee' or a Canadian (from outside Quebec) 'a Canuck', but is much less offensive.

b) a term of endearment refering to the Montreal Canadians hockey club.
father: son, what's your latest school project on ?

son: Dad, my project's thesis is trying to explain why the Montreal Canadians hockey team is alternatively and dearly referred to as the Habs. you can, lol, read the rest of my written paper when I'm done with it.
by Sexydimma July 07, 2013
Hack a but, To have a cigarette, to have a smoke,

HAB= Hack a but aka cigarette.
Jag "Yo i'll see you in 5mins, we'll hab"

Tony " Yo Sammy, lets go hab man im stressing out"
by ButtieMaster604 April 19, 2011
an abbrieviation: "Have A Bat", ie, male masturbation.

The term can be said simply as "HAB", or it can also be altered to create different tenses of the phrase, ie, past, present future, as shown in the example.

Directively: "Oi Pat, go HAB!"

Past tense: "Bart H-ed A-B" (as in Bart had a bat)

Present tense: "Cook is H-ing A-B" (as in Cook is having a bat)

Future tense: "Hey Carlon what are you doing tonight?"
"I'm planning on H-ing A-B mate" (as in Carlon will have a bat later on)

by Dirty Dog Dave January 20, 2008

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