"High-ass-bitch" Used to describe someone who is very high on marijuana. This person can do or say something stupid or funny as a result.
Mary is such a hab, I can't believe she just walked into the store with her cigarette still lit and didn't even realize it.
by Kartyrr December 12, 2012
hustle ace boys (HAB) also known as HAB'z. or just 'hustle ace'.
a group of entrepreneurs,HABZ is the most popular group in lagos and abuja,it is a group of 8 people.
HAB'z are in palms ryt nw...tym to go and famz
by @IamMrAbdul October 31, 2011
Janisha - uh, gurl i no u aint be tryna steal Darrel from me
Moniqua - pssh gurl please, he was never yours, stop bein a HAB
by GetGrooseWitIt3.0 August 23, 2011
Acronym for "Hot-Ass Bitch", Referring to a sexy female
Guy 1 : Wow, that girl is so sexy...
Guy 2 : Yeah, she's a total HAB.
by Chetwen May 29, 2010
Derogetory term for homosexuals.

Also used in connection to the montreal canadiens in because of their homosexuality.
Man #1: I just sucked off ten guys out back of the Bell Center.

Man #2: Holy Shit! You really are a hab.
by MinkMcFeeget December 12, 2009
Nickname for a somebody of Asian descent.
Look at that hab over there!
This place is full of habs, it's nearly as bad as Luton!
by dooooby May 26, 2009
HAB stands for Hot Athletic Boy, it is used when describing males, usually between the age of 18 and 24, who are athletic and hot.
Check out that HAB, bitch.
by tehanonymousone April 24, 2008

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