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Best Goalie in NHL History.
Patrick Roy makes an amazing save for the Colorado Avs. (if only he hadnt retired)
by Salami Domi April 26, 2006
Former Colorado Avalanche goaltender who, despite having more regular-season and playoff wins than any other goalie in NHL history, is best remembered for being pulled 6:27 into the second period of game 7 during the 2002 Western Conference Finals after giving up 6 goals on 16 shots against the greatest team to ever play the game, the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings won the game 7-0: this was easily the most appropriate series of events in the history of the Detroit-Colorado rivalry.
"You know, this isn't an HD television but I do believe I can see Patrick Roy crying like the bitch we always knew he was."
by GoWings October 15, 2006

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