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Hairy Ass Bitch. A bitch that is hairy.
Looks at that H.A.B over there she really needs shave.
by michaelman1000 July 02, 2011
A Hot Asian Babe. has everything
Danny: dude look at that hal
Spencer: you dumbass its a hab, god you dont know anything you little chode
by lil dreidel December 13, 2004
Acronym for "Hot-Ass Bitch", Referring to a sexy female
Guy 1 : Wow, that girl is so sexy...
Guy 2 : Yeah, she's a total HAB.
by Chetwen May 29, 2010
Catchy acronym for "High Ass Bitch" (n.), an extreme case usually accompanied by copious amounts of giggling or obnoxious behaviours, creating a less relaxed or disruptive atmosphere

Can be used as a Verb, as in "to habble" or "habing"

Popular amongst elitist pseudo-intellectual hipster circles

Origin debated, usage found on networking sites, such as Twitter Tumblr and Facebook, since 2008 from Nor Cal to Minnesota
"Are you a HAB or a HAB not?"
by DLawrence April 26, 2010
Derogetory term for homosexuals.

Also used in connection to the montreal canadiens in because of their homosexuality.
Man #1: I just sucked off ten guys out back of the Bell Center.

Man #2: Holy Shit! You really are a hab.
by MinkMcFeeget December 12, 2009
an abbreviation which is used to call a hot asian boy. Usually used by non-asian girls. Especially for East asians(Koreans,Janpaneses, or Chineses)
sammy:See? He's my HAB.
anne:omg he's so hottttt!!!
by BobPark91 February 25, 2009
hard ass boner
created by the skeet squad
"did you guys see drew last night? he had a hab when he was checking out dooley!"
by maddle November 27, 2008