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Any girl who likes multiple cocks within range of physical contact. Otherwise known as a slut, whore, skank, or hoe. Generally any woman who tends to be promiscuous.
Haar - I like Sex

Innocent Bystander - Fuck you.
by Tara Kelly October 01, 2011
a man that has no will to live; often a person that attends a southern university with hopes that someday he will reach black status; men that have an outty are usually considered this; socks and sandals
Dude, that guy is so haars, watch as he attends a black person convention!
by rigg October 29, 2007
When in a fight or dispute, i shoot u in the neck and u fall down.
The son of a bitch was all up in my grill, so I haar'd that faggot! Blood everywhere!
by JMart November 03, 2005
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