a very sick type of weed with alot of crystals and gets u higher than a motherfucker
i cop my haze from washington heights
by don March 28, 2005
outdoor grown buds (marijuana) sprayed with harmful chemicals (usually formaldehyde) for increased effect. gives the smoker a cold constricted feeling in the roof of the mouth.
people in low income areas, as well as people that aren't cultured about weed, think its THE SHIT. In actuality its complete bullshit, and a perfect reason why marijuana should be legalized and regulated: to prevent such a slimy product from entering the hands of the public.
"YO nobody was answerin their phone so i went to 17th and got a dub of haze."
"Sweet! Now we can get sprayed out of our minds off this half gram jar for 20 minutes before we're back for more!"
by mark k October 24, 2006
opiate weed, an absolutely intense smoke
purple haze, silver haze, pineapple haze...
by white light August 17, 2005
the feeling you get when you are so high you barely know you are still alive
What happened last night i was in such a haze.
by Jonathan Erwin March 23, 2005
a motherfucking pimp
that dude is a haze
by Haze Caraganis February 28, 2003
A beautiful girl with love for life , and a sweetheart , a very caring person , but can also have a really bad temper at times .
Haze is such a sweet girl , but I wouldn't want to piss her off .
by Kelly90_ January 03, 2015
Crazy, insane
I can't deal with these haze bitches, they be tripping for no reason.
by Luxuriouz November 07, 2014

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