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Derogatory term used to berate others for their misfortune
"I lost a £10 bet today"
"Ha neck!"

"Dave got kicked out the club last night"
"Ha neck to him"
by Andy Raeburn May 23, 2006
When Someone Does Something Stupid Or Embarrasing, Basically Mean Haha Or Gutted Or Wayyy !!
Haneck Your Team Got Whipped Today At Football!
said to someone after something unfortunate has happend to them.
- so i'm walking past this boy that i'm into, and i fall flat on my face :$
- haneck!
by katy summer November 08, 2008
Short for ha necko

An Ayrshire word, used to show your amusement at something bad happening to somebody.
man trips over on to large trifle...

"Ha neck! You fell over!"
by Sexy Fish Fish Davidson November 30, 2007

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