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(Hoosac Valley High School) An institution in which alcohol is more important than water, drugs are the number-one source of a person's income, and football players get away with anything, including assault and driving under the influence. The ratio of Caucasians to minorities is 200:1. Also, if you are a male and have long hair, you are instantly popular. Emo kids, however, are frowned upon.
-Yo man, I wanna get DRUNK!
-Okay, let's go find some kids who go to HVHS, they know where the parties are at.

-Dude, did I just see a black guy?
-No, that must have just been your shadow. We're at HVHS, moron!

-Woah, Ben's got awesome hair!
-Guess he's the most popular kid in the grade.
by Urban Dictionary November 20, 2006
acronym for "hacker vs. hacker", often used in Counter Strike: Global Offensive
"hvh me dude" - hacker speaking against hacker from opposing team
by Aglaope June 28, 2016
the state of sucking alot se also trey
Trey is freakin hvh.
by mongo November 30, 2004
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