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acronym: A highly payed freak
Michael M. Domach is an HPF!!! (This man is at a prestigious university: CMU, he is highly paid, but treats his students like lab rats and makes them memorize infinite amounts of work. They must treat their lives at college like a maze, and must find the cheese at the end of the lectures: HE IS A FREAK!!!...the ultimate characteristic of this freak is that he wrote "Introduction to Biomedical Engineering" beware of this FREAK!!! )
by stepehen October 09, 2005
High Potential to be Fat
Guy 1: "Yo man you should totally dump that girl"
Guy 2: "Why man she's really hot"
Guy 1: "Yea but she has HPF"
Guy 2 "?"
Guy 1: "High potential to be Fat"
Guy 2: "ok thanks"
by DHenny September 08, 2010
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