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Houston Police Department
"you know HPD can't catch me ridin dirty"

Chamillionaire, Ridin' Dirty (Remix)
by HaeZ June 18, 2006
Histrionic Personality Disorder

A personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive attention seeking behavior, need for approval and inappropriate seductiveness.
I think my ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriend has HPD. Not even kidding.
by katie was here October 18, 2007
It's when any number of HP manufactured equipment fails on a regular basis, and not any amount of service can correct the problem because nothing can fix an HP product.
Ray~"Did my print come out?"
John~"Half of it did..there other half is stuck in the tray."

(whoever is listening) "You got HP'd again"
by nohj February 03, 2004
Literally "Head Push Down". After years of women feeling humiliated from receiving the "Iron Fist", they all joined together and rebelled - thus resulting in forcing cunnilingus onto their male partners.
Dave was appalled by the fact that Jane gave him the HPD, making him dive-roll off the bed.
by Snocap September 19, 2006
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