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Abbreviated version of the exclamation "HOLY FUCK!"
HOLF! Those giraffes are fighting.
#fuck #mega fuck #holy #damn #balls #holy shit #bro #wtf
by Magnus Fist December 03, 2009
1 - To piss and shit in your underwear after a getting paralytic on a night out on the piss

2 - To ejaculate

3 - To throw up

4 - To punch somebody
1 - Oh man i woke up this morning with a massive hangover i can't remember how i got home and i'd holfed in my boxers :(

2 - My gf stayed over last night, a few bottles of wine later and i holfed all over her tits

3 - I think i ate a dodgy kebab cos after i ate it i holfed about 20 times

4 - Geezer was getting all in my face last night so i holfed him and broke his nose
#crumbler #fagslanger #fineran #fail #fitzgerald
by MrBoomTing November 26, 2011

shall you extend to mi holf
by Randy [Blur] Robbins May 23, 2003
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