an acronym that stands for Hoes Over Bros,

like when your boy isn't hangin' with you because he's off with his woman.

Totally ditching you
Dude, your being hella H.O.B right now! That trick is trouble
by Used to live in Mendo October 02, 2008
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noun: a creepy old man (elderly one) who enjoys hitting on younger, foxy ladies. short for horny old bastard.
EWWW that HOB is totally staring at my boobs!
by PapooseGnish January 26, 2010
House of Balloons. Mixtape by The Weeknd
I was vibin' major hard to HOB last night.
by XOweeknd July 16, 2014
A British English term for the cooker rings on a gas/electric stove top. It is "hot spot" of the stove. Most Americans would refer to this area of the stove as the "eye" of the stove or simply the burner.
Place a pot of water on the HOB and bring to a boil.

Don't touch the HOB, it is hot.
by WDH-UK May 28, 2012
Stands for 'Hair On Back' as stated in Californication (S03E01) by Karen (Hank Moody's wife). She was describing an ugly man she allegedly had a date with.
"...bad breath, HOB..."
by gprujansky September 17, 2009
"Hoe over Bros" Someone who chooses to go out with his hoe rather than chill with his bros.
Craig Jolly is a HOB.
by Nathan Bennell September 04, 2003
A coveted statistic in the sport of lacrosse. One HOB is granted to every player on a lacrosse team who does not step on the field, or even sniff the field, however this player is in uniform. Officially HOB stands for Hour on Bench, however one HOB is recorded for every quarter in which the laxer "rides the pine."
Laxer 1 - "How many Goals did I score?"
Statman - "3!"
Laxer 2 - "Suli, how many HOBs did I rack up that game?"
Statman -"Bro you racked up 4 HOBs, way to go!"
by MMMDelicious69 April 07, 2008

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