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Half-Life Dedicated Server--
is a program that you can use to create a Half-Life game server to the public.

It also supports Half-Life mods such as Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, The Specialists, Natural Selection, Global Warfare, and Underworld.
"I'm going to go download HLDS and run my own counter-Strike Server!"

"To run a Half-life server, you need HLDS."

"If It wasn't for HLDS, I wouldn't be on this server getting pwned by nubs!"
by Ei0nN April 26, 2004
"House of Learned Doctors" Located in the heart of Nampa, Idaho. Founded in 2010 this classy establishment is the only bright spot at Northwest Nazarene University. A continuous frat like style house that produces parties, kickbacks, and supplies students with the means necessary to defy the NNU handbook and have a hell of a college experience. Four well built, well educated, and sophisticated baseball players live in circulation at the HLD year round. They are bad asses that love their girl Mary Jane, indulge in fine beverages, and are here to fuck shit up. They are no good before ten and do not like small spaces. Lets just say these gentlemen know how to live.
NNU Student #1: Lets go to the brick house

NNU Student #2: Naw man lets hit up the HLD; where the beer flows like wine and the pussy is always fresh.
by Brennan and Dale November 29, 2012
Acronym for "Handsome Little Devil."
"You've got such a cute baby, Louise. He is an HLD!"

Martha: "I want to bone Sally's boyfriend."
Jane: "Oh really? He's a hottie?"
Martha: "Oh yeah. He's a total HLD!"
by MDSMooth March 10, 2009
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