the hivs, pronounced 'hivz' with a short 'i' sound is slang primarily used in Long Island, New York for human immunodeficiency virus or HIV.
Man, dude is lookin' real busted lately. I think he might have the hivs!
by Boogie Banger October 19, 2006
Hangover induced vomiting, normally associated with AIDS (alcohol induced drippy shits)
Dude, I drank so much last night, I woke up this morning with a serious case of HIV. Oh no, here comes the AIDS....
by BobertShmobert November 22, 2010
Hopkins Impaired Vision (HIV)

When people get used to the ugly students at Johns Hopkins University and eventually find somewhat unattractive people attractive after being disconnected from the real world for long periods of time.
Tim: Hey what school did you go to?
Mike: Johns Hopkins University
Tim: Jesus, do you still have HIV or is your definition of hot starting to change?
by Numnah May 02, 2009
a nonchalant way of refering to HIV, usually stated "the hivs". Originating as a play on "the hives", or the statement "...broke out with a case of the hives".
Cunty Queen #1- "! I just realized I haven't seen that bitch Dante at the bath house lately. I wonder if the twat is still breathing..."

Cunty Queen #2- "Girrrrrl, how 'bout I heard the bitch done broke out with a case of the hivs."
by w0nderb0ydp74 February 22, 2010
Contrary to the first definition, HIV and aids is quite common in gays although it was not exclusive to them as there were also many drug users with the disease too when it was discovered in the eighties. Although the disease is indeed said to have originated from monkeys.
Jimmy the gay atheist has HIV.
by Skialian December 26, 2013
High Integrity Values!
I want you to go and spread HIV everyone you see! If they don't have HIV go give it to em'!
by dennis espinosa motherfker. November 19, 2008
Rarely-needed abbreviation for "hot island vagina", often confused with the not so desirable life-threatening virus.
Dude, I went to Hawaii last week and got HIV.
Oh my god, man. I'm so sorry!
Sorry? Best HIV of my LIFE, bro! Mmm, mmm.

Student: Can you get HIV from a public toilet?
Teacher: Reach for the stars, kid.
by Ha-mes April 15, 2009

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