A band fronted by Ville Valo and popularized among 12 year old girls by Bam Margera.

They sound like a shitty version of Tiamet.
HIM can blow me and then take their Sweet 666 from my revolver.
by Ri January 20, 2005
The best band to ever live. They are from Finland. Most people only know this because of Bam, but who cares because Bam Margera is amazing too. H-I-M stands for His Infernal Majesty. GO LISTEN TO SOME H.I.M NOW!
H-I-M'S singer Ville Valo has the best vocals ever
by chrissyyyyy August 19, 2007
A metal rock group from Finland that are the best group ever if you like metal or rock.
Circle of Fear is one of the best songs by HIM
by none of your business March 02, 2005
HiM, like the Finnish band HIM, was created in 1995. However, this, and the name, are the only similarities between the two bands.

Founded by drummer Doug Scharin, HiM is another product of the Chicago indie rock scene. Their music is an interesting blend of jazz, post-rock, and even reggae and African. The music is very much unlike what a majority of what people listen to. Still, HiM is worth a listen, and those who enjoy bands such as Isotope 217 may like the band.

"Hey, I thought you said you were going to put on HIM. This doesn't sound like them at all."

"You misunderstood, I meant HiM, the Chicago indie band."

"Oh, well, this is pretty good too."
by Radiofloyd February 07, 2007
One of the most awesome bands on the face of the earth. The lead singer, Ville Valo has the most amazing voice ever. People say they are an emo band but they sing about love.
HIM have written songs such as Endless Dark, Passion's Killing Floor and Your Sweet 666 and these songs, as well as others are awesome.
by Madame Valo August 30, 2007
Suposed homosexual porn movie about the life of Jesus Christ compared with a nameless contemporary man and their shared sexual tastes. Hotly sought-out and marked for destruction by the Religious Right, in reality there is NO SUCH MOVIE!!!
Rumours of such a movie have been circulating since the early 1970's. Said rumours were probably started amongst the Gay community for sole purpose of annoying the Moraly Indignant, and there was even a false review of it in a book about the "golden turkeys," aka the worst movies ever made. This, of course, only served to strengthing the Religious Right's resolve to find-and-burn!! It's review in said book of "golden turkeys" was actually part of a reader contest to find the one fake movie amongst the real "stinkers."
Despite endless (and fruitless) searches --and the truth being held in their collective faces-- certain members of the Religious Right still continue their sacred mission to find-and-destroy this non-existant movie!
Bill: "Hey, man. You here about that gay-porn movie called "Him?" Some pretty freaky sheet happens in it!"

Tom: "Calm yourself down before you ruin your shorts. There is no such movie. It's all just a rumour going 'round."

Bill: "Really? Then what the hell was that video I was watching last night!?"

Tom: "You STILL have home video of my 16th birthday party!?"
by Carl J. Maltese April 29, 2007
Him is one of the better new rock bands out there; keep in mind I don't listen to the mainstream MTV crap scenesters & teeny boppers listen to such as blink182, jlo, korn and 50. I like real music.

I love metal but I'm liking this glam-metal music type a whole lot better now because after a while you get tired of all the screaming, and Ville's voice is just a pleasure to listen to, not to mention to look at...who would have thought Finnish men would be so damn hot?? I'm so lusting after this man...
Poison Girl
One last time
Right here in my arms
by ThatGypsyBroad June 06, 2005
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