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Handicap I'd Like to Fuck
"Check out the HILF in the wheelchair. She'd Hot!"
by Turd Furgeson February 11, 2005
HILF Hair I'd Like To Fuck
Hey I just saw this customer the other day, and oh man she was a major hilf.
Hilf? What is that? Hair I'd Like to Fuck.
Her hair was so long, and it looked so silky. so that is why I called her a hilf
by hairy carey November 30, 2012
Hipster I'd Like to Fuck
"Check out that HILF reading Vonnegut. I'd like to see those tight pants on my bedroom floor."
People give hipsters a hard time for being self-absorbed assholes, but you have to admit that some of them are extremely fuckable.
by elliott123 September 17, 2009
HILF - Husband I'd Like to Fuck
1) Cougars (middle aged single Women on the prowl) call an attractive married man a HILF for casual sexual encounters without commitments or further expectations.

2) Younger females use the term to represent a married man that would provide material possessions (a.k.a. a sugar Daddy) without long term commitments.
Hey, check out that HILF over there at the bar!
by Gord M. January 03, 2008
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